Tips on Designing Memorable Signs and Posters


November 16, 2013Tech1 Comment

It’s crucial to implement an effective marketing strategy for your company. This includes both online and offline tasks such as SEO, web design, social marketing, email campaigns, print advertisements, adverts, brochures and everything else you can think of! However, before all of these tasks can be completed, you must have great signage and a great logo.

Signs, posters and the logo are an important part of the overall marketing strategy for any business owner. Although some businesses will create their own signs by signs by using a generic template, those that produce something individual will create an impression of professionalism and creativity. There are a variety of ways to create a great sign or logo, whether you’ve entrusted prestigious companies like or if you have your own in-house marketing professionals, you have to get the right colour, typography and placement on any poster or advertisement you send out.

Here are a few simple steps on creating your innovative sign or poster campaign:

1. Develop a unique logo

Small businesses must compete for consumer attention alongside many other businesses. Sometimes these businesses will have larger budgets and more space or selection. In order to stand out from the crowd you have to have a unique and recognisable logo that can battle alongside the biggest brands going. No matter how catchy the other elements of a sign are, it is usually the logo that sticks with people the most.

2. Use short but memorable phrases

Consumer attention is the number one reason for using custom designed signs in the first place. To make sure that a sign grabs the attention of your customer, or potential customer,  it’s important to use phrases that catch the eye and spark interest immediately. By using slogans and phrases that are catchy and memorable, a business can ensure it captures its audience’s attention as quickly as possible. It is OK to draw inspiration from other brands, but never ever copy or adapt a previous design. This will make your company and brand look cheap and people will recognise the similarities instantly.

3. Use a custom sign company

Small business owners have to take on many roles throughout the day to make sure their business is a success. While handling most of these roles personally can be essential to a healthy budget, it’s important to know when to delegate. Even if an owner has a certain amount of artistic talent there are a variety of factors that will need professional help if you’re to create a successful design.

It usually proves more cost-effective to have a custom sign company create clean and impressive signs for a small business.

Creating a first impression and being memorable are some of the most important functions of advertising in general. By following the above tips and integrated the logo and signs into every aspect of your business, both online and offline, even small businesses can create the important first impression and get the exposure they truly deserve.

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