Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 photos show thick camera bump in regulatory listing


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We’ve gotten another look at the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 thanks to a new listing on the Chinese telecom regulation authority’s (TENAA) website, which clearly show off the side and front views of the next foldable. 

True, the phone is turned off in the photos, so we aren’t getting any new ideas about how it’ll look in-use, like we did at the Z Fold 2’s unveiling in early August. But the images in the TENAA filing offer a few perspectives we didn’t see before – for instance, the foldable’s camera block is chunky, protruding out more than most phones we’ve seen. Good luck resting it on a flat surface. 

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(Image credit: TENAA)
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(Image credit: TENAA)
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(Image credit: TENAA)

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