Origin and Uses of M4V and How Can We Convert Them To DVD


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M4V and MP4 are pretty much similar. M4V is a format for video files. It was developed by Apple and is now used to encode audios and videos to iTunes store. Now for those who do not know what kind of format this is, let me explain that any file with an .m4v format is an MPEG 4 video file.  Sometimes it is tricky to open an M4V file. Let your computer do the work and select a default program. Even then if it refuses to open then you will have to install appropriate software to make it run. M4V files can be opened with VLC media player, Real Player, Media Player Classic, Apple iTunes and Apple QuickTime Player. Apple iTunes has the ability to use it as its original M4V format. But there are some other video players that change this format to MP4 format and play it. M4V files can be opened with Windows Media Player, and likely many other multi- format media players. An MP4  file can contain an audio and a video stream in any number of codecs but most commonly H.264 is used which is also known as MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding). Difference between MP4 and M4V is the quality of Apple’s DRM copy protection with treatment of AC3/ Dolby Digital audio (which is not ‘there’ for MP4).

Now why do we actually need M4V formatted files? Simple! To make the files run on iTunes, iPhone, iPad and iPod. H.264 (as mentioned above) offers twice as high as compression than MP4 along with improvements in perceptual quality. It provides DVD- quality video at less than 1 Mbps, and so is seen to be a good development for full- motion video over satellites and ADSL Internet and wireless connections.

How to convert M4V to DVD can be shown via two methods-

  • Opening the M4V file in its default program and selecting ‘Save’ to save it in another format.
  • Using a file conversion software to convert the M4V file to another file format.

You can also drag or click ‘load video’ to bring the M4V file. Edit the M4V file if you want with the help of a plug- in editor (if the software has). Insert a blank DVD disc in the drive. Select “Burn” and customize your settings. After you are done with the settings select “Start” to burn your iTunes M4V video files to DVD disc. After your M4V file is burned to DVD, you can play the ‘new’ DVD on your DVD player.

Sometimes, a file is already in an M4V format and one need to get it converted to MP4 format. Reason? To make it get recognized and used by a regular MP4 player. But to make M4V play on DVD player one has to burn or convert this M4V file by introducing this M4V to DVD converter. In fact to save money as well as time, converting M4V files directly to DVDs is a good option.

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    Good post, I wasnt really comfortable with M4V but then realized all I do is use my media player for video usage so it makes sense, this was also helpful to me when I was looking for a free mp4 player to convert my files. Choosing the mp4 player that’s right for you depends upon the content you need to view and the features you want

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