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How To Book IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Online Quickly

Book IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Online Quickly

It is always a task to book one’s tickets online on the IRCTC website. It is even a bigger responsibility to ensure that you get the home page and are able to log-in to book your tickets in time. Knowing a few tips and tricks can always help you get that much needed TATKAL ticket for your travel. IRCTC tatkal booking window opens at 10:00 am and stays open till 12:00 pm. Since, trains are the most widely used used means of travel in the country, the amount of web traffic in the IRCTC website is a lot. To book a ticket, you have to act fast and smart since the tickets are usually gone in the first 45 minutes after the booking window opens.

1)   A few important important things to know before you start:

a)    Window opens a day before the travel date and one can book only 2 seats per user id.

b)   Log in from multiple browsers and make sure you ask others with log-in ID to try and access the website as well on your behalf to book the tickets

c)    Make sure you bring your system time up to date with the IRCTC website time the day before you want to book the ticket to avoid any sync issues

2)   Keeping the booking window active is essential

a)    Make sure that your window is not idle for more than 3 minutes as then the session will expire and you will need to log in again, this will cause lose of important time.

b)   Alternative, to keep the session alive is to copy the terms and conditions link in another window and keep refreshing it while you are in process of booking the ticket

3)   Be prepared with all travel and bank details before you start booking

a)    Ensure that you keep all information for your travel handy and ready, your codes for from and to destination, train that you will travel with

b)   The card details in case you intend to make payment with any of the cards, net banking password and your debit card should be at hand

4)   Make the Autofill Options work for you

a)    Keep the auto-fill options on your system or laptop on

b)   Prior to booking your ticket, log-in to the website and save all details so that when you are doing a TATKAL booking the details will populate and you would not need to enter all details manually, again

c)    Fill in all the details, and then click on “I’m feeling Lucky” and then Magic auto-fill button will show up, save it to bookmarks to ensure that your details are saved.

d)    When you go to the train and berth details when booking the TATKAL tickets, click Magic auto-fill, all details will auto populate and you can proceed for making online payment

5)   Be Patient

Above all do not lose your patience, the website is a bit slow and can be a nail biting experience for you. Another simple trick is to NOT click again on one button, it will work. If you click againand again, it will keep refreshing and try to establish new connection with server and only slow the ticket booking for you. Click only once and DO NOT USE THE BACKSPACE key at all. If you face any error on a page, simple refresh the page and it will show up.

Don’t close the window and start all over again. Patience will get you through with your TATKAL booking.

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